New deployment model for Visual Studio for Devices

So, even though you don't have your hands on the beta yet, we're already addressing your concerns. The current plan for deployment is that we're going to go back to the basics. Remember the deployment tool bar in VS2003? We're bringing it back. By default, the deployment device on a newly created project will be set to “SameAsDeploymentToolBar.” If you change the device in the toolbar, then the deployment device will be updated. You will be able to explicitly set the deployment device for any particular configuration (project for managed code) to anything you want, and that value will be persisted in your project user file. This seems to make sense to those of us trying to think of a really cool solution to what turns out to be a non-trivial problem. Most of the time, you want to deploy all device projects to the same device, this makes that scenario really easy. In the case where you don't want to have that happen, you can explicitly set the deployment device for one or more projects to point to different devices. Feedback, as always, is appreciated. Thanks,

Jeff Abraham
Visual Studio for Devices

P.S. For those of you who wonder, we really do look at your feedback (it shows up in our inboxes). Sometimes there are good reasons why we're doing something one way or another, other times it's just that we've overlooked an obvious scenario. Email addresses in feedback are a definite bonus, as we'll try to reply directly if we can.

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