Internal usage stats for Team Foundation Server

Joe Schwetz, the group manager of our TFS Solution Provider team, publishes a monthly report which updates us on the internal adoption of Team Foundation Server across the company.  You've heard from me before about our internal dogfooding of TFS within the Team System team (including my most recent update for Channel 9) but I haven't spent much time explaining the level of dogfooding within the rest of the company, until now.  What you read below is an excerpt from Joe's monthly report.  Hopefully this conveys both the level of usage as well as our excitement about continued adoption of TFS within Microsoft.  As you can imagine, it's not as simple as throwing a switch to get teams to move over.  We have to find the right time in the product cycle to adopt TFS, evaluate their hardware needs, help customize their system, migrate their existing assets over to TFS and ensure their teams receive the proper level of training.  As you can see below, since the release of TFS 2008, we've seen a marked increase in the number of internal users not only from DevDiv, but Microsoft's IT teams (MSIT) as well as many other places within the company. It's clear from these numbers that TFS adoption is really picking up steam across the company. 

Anyway, take a look at these statistics and let us know if you have any questions or comments. 

From: Joe Schwetz
Sent: Friday, March 21, 2008 2:41 PM
Subject: March 2008 - VSTS Internal Service Offering Summary

Internal adoption continues to impress, growing by 1,085 active users taking the total to 11,834 companywide! Overall growth of the service offering continues to be driven by widespread adoption in Developer Division and MSIT with steady growth by several large Divisions.  The usage outside of the large product groups and MSIT is also increasing at a strong pace, see the “All Other” users tracked on the “Active Users – Service Offering” chart.

We set a new high in the number of Work Items entered Service Offering wide in a single month, with nearly a quarter of a million being created – 246,051 in March!   There were only 2 other months in the history of TFS with > 100,000 Work Items created:  December 2007 with 154,926 and February 2008 with 112,441.

There were 104 new Projects created in March, this is the 11th month in a row with >100 projects being created per month. 

Here’s a quick summary of the growth at a high level:

As always, please feel free to share these numbers and statistics with customers.

Active Users Across Service Offering:

Developer Division, MSIT, SQL, MSN/Windows Live, and MSCOM all hit new peaks of active users in March. The growth of all other instances combined is continuing to mirror the growth rates of DevDiv and MSIT.


Active Users & Projects Across Service Offering:

At the beginning of the Fiscal Year, we set the goal of having 12,000 Active Users and 1,800 Projects in TFS. As you can see, we’ll be blowing those numbers out of the water by the end of the fiscal year.



Work Items – Stored in TFS 2008 & Rosario IR:

Here are details on the number of Work Items stored based on releases this month (TFS 2008 RTM and on the early Rosario bits).  March was a new record for Work Items being entered, with 246,051 being created across the Service Offering!


The following shows the highest number of Work Items per individual TFS instance for TFS 2008 and Rosario IR:


Team Build – Service Offering:

There was a major increase this month in the use of Team Build.  As you can see the numbers literally have shot through the roof with MSIT and one of the Consolidated instances greatly increasing the use of Team Build.  For details on number of builds on specific instances see the table below.