Project Server 2007 connector available

Integration between TFS and Project Server has long been a common request from many of our customers.  Although we won’t have complete support for this scenario baked into TFS until Rosario, today marks an important point along the way to satisfying this demand.  After months of development in conjunction with our early adopters, the VSTS Rangers have published their Project Server connector on CodePlex for other customers to try out for themselves.  Given the complexities of the integration, we expect partners (including MCS) to develop solution offerings based on these tools and look forward to working with them to meet our customers’ needs in this area. 

Congratulations to the VSTS Rangers (especially Graham and Lenny) as well as our product team experts (especially Ameya and Treb) for achieving this important milestone! 



PS - Brian posted additional information this morning (Announcing Team Foundation Server - Project Server connector).  Take a look!

PPS - Lenny Fenster, the main architect and developer on the connector has posted additional details about the project. And thanks go to Soma for his post as well.  Good stuff!