Team System has a new website manager!

A few months I grew my team by one person when we brought Sharon Elkins on board to manage the Team System website.  This is the first time we’ve had someone dedicated fulltime to our website and as such, I’m really excited that she’s joined our team.  The website will finally get the attention from us that it deserves.  Over the past few years, our website has fallen in disrepair as we’ve had a patchwork of volunteers work on it in an adhoc way…not exactly a recipe for success.  When we ask our customers what one thing we can do to improve our product, many of them mention improving our website so I’m eager to be able to respond to that feedback in a meaningful way.  She recently started her own blog in order to give folks insight behind the scenes and to provide you a way to provide her feedback on our ideas and how well the website is working for you.  She’s shared some of her plans with me and I’m eager to get them implemented so we can see how well they work for you.  Please let us hear from you on what’s working (and what’s not) so that we can make the most of Sharon’s energy and passion around providing a great online customer experience.

Please join me in welcoming Sharon to the team!