TFS Times - new newsletter focused on all things TFS

Paul Hacker, one of our Team System MVPs, has started a great new newsletter entirely focused on TFS known as TFS Times.  In the inaugural issue, he writes:

... I have always found it rather difficult to keep up with all of the information coming out from all the disparate sources like TeamSystemRocks, MSDN, Blogs, etc. One of the most frequently asked questions at our user group IndyTFS, is how do I decipher all of this information and even worse where can I find out about X. The goal here is to try and pull relevant information from all these sources into a single monthly issue of a newsletter that we can then push out to the community. ... I hope that readers will also submit some of their own success and even not so successful stories with the products. We really want to drive the newsletter from readers needs. You tell us what you want to hear about.

Check it out ( and let Paul know what you think.  I'm hopeful this can turn into a valuable, community driven, resource for everyone.