Back from the Dead

I knew it'd been a while since I'd updated my blog, but the realization that it'd had been nearly a year since my last post shocked me some.  I mean, I've told people it'd been nearly a year, but didn't really believe it until I saw the date myself.  Well, it's time to rectify that problem and re-emerge onto the blogging scene.

I've been working on a project over the last several months called "Play".  Those of you who attended MEDC 2005 or Gamefest 2005 may have seen demos built on Play.  It's a Peer to Peer Gaming Infrastructure, written on the Compact Framework, which allows for pluggable games and transports.  It maintains your buddy lists and lets you play multiple games (both 2D Winforms Games and Managed Direct3D Mobile games).  A lot of interesting things have come out of the Play work, and I plan to start blogging regularly both on Play, and another project of mine (Aquarium.NET) which you may have seen at MEDC 2004 or PDC 2003.

So, without further adieu, my first blog post from Play is a simple ResourceHelper class (  Retrieving resources can be a pain on CF, so I developed this class in Play to make things a little easier.  It scans the resources from the calling assembly and will find case insensitive full and partial matches, and can even return both streams and byte arrays.

My next post will be for playing sound, so stay tuned.