“Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions” Certification 70-532

Microsoft Certified ProfessionalOn February 13, 2015, I passed the Microsoft exam for Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions.  It is one of three Azure certifications that are available:

We can debate the value of certifications and whether they prove that you understand a technology, but that tends to turn into a religious debate.  Microsoft lists the benefits of certification at https://www.microsoft.com/learning/en-us/certification-benefits.aspx.  I personally feel that the process of studying for a certification is valuable.  You systematically review a technology and refresh your knowledge or learn aspects that you may not have had experience with before. 

To study for the “Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions” exam 70-532, I followed a process similar to that described by my teammate Jeremy Foster.  I went to the exam page that lists the skills that would be measured and technologies that would be covered, and scanned that list.  I either read articles or did some hands-on work for the skills that I wasn’t current in. 

Here are some other resources that may be useful if you are studying for exam 70-532:

Good luck!