DevRadio webcast: Ashley Gullen on using Construct 2 to build amazing games for Windows 8

I was very excited to speak with Ashley Gullen from Scirra as part of the Microsoft DevRadio series on Channel 9.  Ashley demoed Construct 2, an easy-to-use HTML5 game engine that allows anyone to create gaming apps for Windows 8, Windows Phone, and other platforms.  With this tool, you can add background, sprites, and sounds onto a layout, and create your game logic with an event sheet of conditions and actions (basically if-then statements).  Then Construct 2 allows you to export your game as a Windows 8 application that could be published in the Windows Store.

I was part of the team that worked with Ashley as he implemented Windows 8 support in Construct 2, and I have really enjoyed using this tool!  I have some games in progress that were created using Construct 2…hopefully during the holidays I will have some time to polish them up and submit them to the Windows Store

Links from the show:

Generation App / 30 to launch: program to guide you through developing your first Windows 8 app in 30 days, with step-by-step tips to get you there plus free tech support, design consultations, and giveaways!

Download Construct 2: I recommend always getting the latest version.

Article on scaling to multiple form factors

Scirra competition to build Windows 8 games

Ashley Gullen’s Scirra blog

Tutorials for getting started with Construct 2

Build a shooter game: this is the very best tutorial for getting started!

Build a platform game: this is good if you prefer a Super Mario Brothers style of game

Check out the webcast at