DevRadio webcast: Patrick Godwin on “How I Wrote and Deployed a Cloud-Powered Windows 8 App in Six Days”

I interviewed Patrick Godwin as part of the Microsoft DevRadio series on Channel 9.  Patrick has a cool story, in that he is a student (at the University of Michigan – go blue!), and he wrote and deployed a Windows 8 app to the Windows Store in just six days with the help of Windows Azure Mobile Services. In this show, he demos his “Would You Rather… ” app and then shows us how he used Windows Azure Mobile Services to get it done.

Here are some links from the show:

Patrick’s blog post on developing the app

Jennifer’s blog posts on common failures of Windows Store certification (this first one contains links to the rest of them)

Getting started with Windows Azure Mobile Services (do the tutorials; they are awesome!)

Get a free trial of Windows Azure

Generation App program (program to guide you through developing your first Windows 8 app in 30 days, with step-by-step tips to get you there plus free tech support, design consultations, and giveaways!)

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