iOS developers who want to learn Windows 8 development

Here is a compiled list of resources for iOS developers who want to learn Windows 8 development.  Porting your app to Windows 8 will allow you to sell it in the Windows Store as well, and take advantage of the huge global reach of the Windows operating system. 

MSDN Resources


This page contains a ton of useful information, including:

* Installing Windows 8 and the dev tools on your Mac

* iOS –> Windows 8 API mapping index


Generation App

The “Generation App” program helps you build your first Windows Store app (or Windows Phone app).  You sign up for one of 5 learning paths:

  • Build Windows Store apps – choose this option to build an application on Windows 8
  • Build Windows Store games – choose this option if you specifically want to build a game on Windows 8
  • Build Windows Phone 8 apps – choose this option if you want to build an application for the Windows Phone (yes, the programming model for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 is slightly different)
  • Build with Web Technologies – choose this option if you have a HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript background and want to leverage those skills to build a Windows Store app
  • Build using App Frameworks – choose this option to use various tools/frameworks to quickly create a game or app.  Options include appMobi, GameSalad Creator, Scirra Construct 2, Xamarin, YoYo Games GameMaker Studio, Tiggzi, or TouchDevelop.  Some of these options require minimal coding. 

Then, you will receive email tips & tricks to help you build an app in 30 days.  Each day, you get the next step to build, so by the end, you have a pretty cool app!  But that’s not even the best part.  The best part is that with this program, you also get access to FREE tech support and FREE design consultations.  There are occasionally prizes/incentives for publishing apps too! 


2-Day Recorded Event Videos

The “Windows Store App Development for iOS Developers” two-day event presented by Microsoft and Big Nerd Ranch was recorded, and all 14 sessions are published on this site.  These videos are very useful for getting started with Windows 8 development, from an iOS perspective. 

In addition, here is a video on using Visual Studio on OSX with Parallels.  


Getting your Mac set up for Windows development

Developing for Windows 8 does require that you are running the Windows 8 operating system.  Here are some blog posts by my IT Pro colleagues, on how to set up a Windows 8 environment in a virtual machine on your Mac: 

Oracle VirtualBox:
VMware Fusion 5.02:
Parallels 8:


What did I miss? 

Leave a comment if you know of other valuable Windows resources for iOS developers.