Joseph Sirosh on Connected Cows

I have heard Joseph Sirosh tell this story at multiple conferences, and I LOVE IT.  If you're into the Internet of Things/big data/analytics, take 8.5 minutes and watch it right now – you won’t regret it.  Awesome story. 

Quick summary: Cows go into heat for a very short window (12-18 hours every 21 days, often during the night).  Cows drastically increase their activity level when going into heat, so the cows now wear pedometers which send data to the cloud, and alerts are sent to the farmer when they are in heat.  It has increased their cattle production by 12% (not including the labor savings).  They can even inseminate at different times to be more likely to get a female cow (for more milk) or a male cow (for more meat). 

AI (artificial intelligence) meets AI (artificial insemination).  Brilliant. 

You can watch at or embedded below.  There’s a nice summary writeup here as well.