Privacy Policies for my applications

Below are the privacy policies for my applications.


Eliza uses the internet to access the Windows advertising server, which serves ads to the application. 

In release 2, a “Send Feedback” button was added to the App Bar, so you can provide feedback to me if Eliza’s responses seem very wrong.  Clicking this button will create an email in your default email program with a transcript of your conversation with Eliza.  You can delete portions of the conversation that are too private before sending, and specify what seems wrong and what behavior you expected instead.  If you choose to send the email, this will send me your email address along with whatever conversation you shared in the body of the email.  I will use this information to fix bugs and refine the Eliza algorithm.  I will not share your information with anyone else. 

Reveal a PictureReveal a Picture

Reveal a Picture does not access the internet.