Privacy Policy for Apps using the Facebook App Promotion Button

Applications using the Facebook App Promotion Button may connect to the internet to do the following:

  1. It accesses the Internet to obtain listing information about the application (the app’s logo).  If it can’t find the application logo, it will use the default one provided here
  2. The end user may choose to log into Facebook using their own credentials, and the application will post a Facebook message of the user’s choosing about the app and a link to download the app (along with some application metadata).  The experience is documented below. 
  3. If this is done, it will also record the following information to a Windows Azure Mobile Service: application name, application ID, date/time of Facebook post, and the user’s comment.  This is recorded only so the developer can see that the button is being used by end users.  No personal information about the end user is stored. 

Here is an example of the Facebook App Promotion Button experience inside of a blank Windows Store application:

The Facebook App Promotion Button is a button for the AppBar of Windows Store XAML apps.  When clicked, it displays a flyout where the user can make a comment about the current app, and easily post it to Facebook. 

Facebook App Promotion Button Screenshot

The user will be prompted to sign into Facebook with their credentials. 

Facebook Authentication

After they authenticate to Facebook successfully, the post will be made to Facebook, and the user will receive visual confirmation of success. 


The new post on Facebook will appear on the user’s wall like the below.  Their comment will appear first, above a rectangle that contains metadata about the application from which it was posted.  The example below is just using test data; in a real application, it would replace the app logo, the app name, and the app description.  When the rectangle is clicked, it will launch the application’s listing page from which it can be downloaded. 

Example Facebook Post