Upcoming Windows Development Events in Michigan

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Develop a new Windows Phone or Windows 8 app between 10/1-12/31 for a chance to win $10K of prizes! http://gomodev.com/windows-10k-contest  And to help you get there…

There are 3 great Windows Store development events coming up at the Microsoft office in Southfield, MI

1.  I will be delivering a Windows Store app development training event this Friday, November 8 at the Microsoft Southfield office.  At this event, I will cater to the topics that you want to talk about, which could include “code sharing between Windows 8 and Windows Phone” and “monetization of your apps/how to get rich with the Windows Store”.  I could also show a tool that makes it very easy to develop addictive games for Windows 8.  Please register at http://win8sf.eventbrite.com

2.  I will be delivering a Windows 8 & Windows Phone hands-on-lab event at the Microsoft Southfield office on Friday, November 22.  Bring a laptop and get your hands dirty coding a Windows 8 and a Windows Phone app with a cloud backend!  Register at https://aka.ms/CodeSharingSouthfield.

3.  There is a Windows 8 app-building event on Saturday, December 14.  Take some time before the craziness of the holidays and invest in yourself!  Whether an app development pro or a beginner without an idea for an application, we will help you make progress on an application and submit it to the Windows Store or Windows Phone Store.  Bring your own project to work on, or we will help you with app ideas.  We will also provide optional training on a game development tool which is great for all ages and allows you to quickly and easily create a fun, addictive game in a day.  This is a great family bonding activity to do with your child and get him/her excited about developing software games!   Register at http://michhackathon.eventbrite.com.

Feel free to invite friends or coworkers.  Hope to see you there!