Develop without Borders contest

We've just launched a very cool contest that challenges developers around the world to design Office business applications that support non-profit organizations and encourages them to learn more about the 2007 Microsoft Office system at the same time.

The contest is called Develop without Borders. It was developed as a joint effort between IW and DPE with support from Hewlett Packard and offers over $150,000 in prizes.

The concept is simple: Developers choose a charitable organization that they would like to help, understand the business challenges that it faces, and propose a solution based on the 2007 Office system that addresses one or more of those challenges. The solutions that make the most impact on the organization and that best utilize the Office system technologies can win up to $50,000 to help pilot or implement the solution.

We think this combination of education and doing something positive for the world is an exciting approach and would appreciate any help you can provide in making it a success.

Why do I start blogging in english? Simply because this is a chance for every developer in the world to do something good and charitable and I want to spread the word as wide as possible.