5 things you must do BEFORE you publish your app.

You have your idea. You are developing your app. It’s coming along great. You can see the finish line. But do you need to do more than just develop your app? Here are 10 things you should do before you publish.


1. Include platforms

Don’t mistakenly forget there are several app stores in the marketplace. If your app has potential, it has potential everywhere. Hit the one with the most apps. Check. Hit the one with the most users. Check. Hit the one with the most potential. Check.

For Microsoft, the story is all about the number of users. If they were to manage their average revenue per app while growing their user base, they could potentially out-earn all the other platforms. – Forbes

Targeting Windows platform means choosing between HTML5/JavaScript and XAML/C# depending on your skills. Then again, you might choose an app framework like GameMaker that can build a compelling app and export to several platforms, including Windows. Ignoring the low barrier of entry to the Windows opportunity, or any burgeoning market, is an opportunity wasted.

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