This has been bugging me for a good while:

It was decided that the name of the component "Ultimate Extras" should not be translated in Swedish Windows Vista. So why on earth would it be translated in the display name for an update? Answer: no reason. It just happened. Whoever translated the name of the update didn't really know what they were translating; what the text was about or how it would be displayed to the user.

I can understand how the mistranslation happened, but here's a question: Once discovered, why wasn't it corrected? Well, the translation might not be right, but it's not terrible. There are no security problems here. Functionality isn't impacted. The text isn't really misleading. There is no profanity and there are no geo-political issues.

You could say that it might look sloppy, but it's good enough.

Four follow-up questions: Yeah? And? So? What? 

If Sloppy is Good Enough, we're in deep trouble.

Details matter.