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Bit Fiddling - 4

Pre-Computing Pre Computing is a technique normally used to speed up algorithms and by actually...

Author: jeuge Date: 10/28/2005

Bit Fiddling - 3

Now that we have seen some trivial and fast approaches to do bit counting. Lets look into one...

Author: jeuge Date: 06/08/2005

Bit Fiddling - 2

In the previous post we dicussed about some trivial straightforward ways of counting set bits. Here...

Author: jeuge Date: 05/03/2005

Bit Fiddling - 1

Bits and Pieces Over the years, I have come across interesting approaches and problems involving bit...

Author: jeuge Date: 04/30/2005

Digital Imaging Basics

Color Spaces The human eye is often able to detect many more colors than digital devices can...

Author: jeuge Date: 04/20/2005