Does the world really need a SOA Maturity Model standard?

I saw this in CBDI this morning.  Apparently IBM wants to develop a standard for a SOA maturity model.


It seems to me that we need agreement on the scope of SOA before we can ever hope to measure its maturity (or lack thereof).  


I don't initially see much value here and I'm not convinced that IBM is the right organization to drive such an effort (assuming its even worth doing).  I would expect a global standards organization that has been working on business processes for many, many years (like CEFACT) would be better equipped to work on such an effort (if SOA is indeed focused on process and not the configuration of the underlying technical plumbing). 


Unfortunately CEFACT has its own problems at the moment - around its IP policy and other stuff.


What do you think?  Is the world ready for a standardized maturity model for something around which the scope has yet to be agreed upon?  Yeesh.