"I’m coming back no matter what"

Here I am at the very beginnings of a new blog and I'm already posting off-topic.  Although I promised to keep this to a minimum I just learned that Harry is a hockey fanatic (sure he's a Caps fan, but its still hockey).  Harry's got several interesting hockey-related posts on his blog - recommended reading (especially now that the weekend is here).

As long as we're on the subject of hockey, allow me to explain the title of this post.  Super Mario announced today that he is coming back from retirement - no matter what (is that a threat or a promise?).  A video of today's press conference is also available.

I'm sure Mario will be a little rusty but the morale boost alone will pump some long-needed motivation into the Penguins.  Perhaps the bigger question regards hockey itself - Mario's return should help drive more interest into the sport and minimize potential issues that could negatively impact the coolest game on ice. 

Given my employer I should probably feel guilty for being a Penguins fan...no worries - the original Tux is still the best.  :)