IMS Advanced Web Services Profiles

IMS (Instructional Management Systems, Global Learning Consortium - is an international standards group developing interoperable technical standards for e-Learning. Membership includes leading technology system suppliers, publishers, user organizations and universities active in e-Learning. I (briefly) attended IMS' recent ALT-I-Lab conference in Sheffield to present the IMS Advanced Web Services Profiles. The profiles are designed to provide prescriptive guidance on how the WS-Addressing, WS-Security and MTOM specifications can be used to transport IMS Content Packages from point to point. 

My presentation is here. I had to depart Sheffield early (prior to my presentation actually) so I created a video of the demo to leave at the conference. The video of the demo is here (Windows Media format). Word of warning regarding the video: I didn't have an external mike handy and the mike on my laptop didn't seem to work. To get around this issue I "typed" subtitles much like you might see in an old silent movie (laughable but strangely effective). 

Let me know if you would like a copy of the code used in the demo (totally unsupported of course!).

Sheffield was an interesting place and reminded me a lot of my old hometown.