Public Review and Public Apologies

Good news and bad news:

Good News:

The BPEL TC approved going to Public Review yesterday so look for an announcement soon.

Bad News:

One of the new requirements for OASIS Standardization is an XHTML version of the spec. I was testing different ways to generate XHTML out of the Word version of the spec. One of the tests I did used Word 2007's new blogging feature because it generates XHTML. While this didn't produce what I needed it did post a very large entry to my blog (a copy of the entire BPEL spec). I was so busy working on the spec cleanup that I forgot to remove the "test post" that showed up here yesterday. Please accept my apologies if it caused you any issues.

The "unofficial" XHTML version is here if you would like a look at it before the official announcement of Public Review. (At the time I created this doc the OASIS XHTML templates were not valid XHTML so I didn't use them. I'm sure I'll have to re-generate these later today. More bad news. :(

By the way, if you are concerned about the size of the BPEL spec we've just re-started work on a non-normative BPEL Primer. More on that soon.