SDWest 2005

I just got accepted to speak at SD West 2005. I plan to leverage some of the architectural theme work I am doing for my presentation. Here is the abstract:

"Over the past year several specifications and standards activities have emerged to address the issue of coordination of messages and transactions within a web services infrastructure. The volume of implementation options can be overwhelming, especially when one considers these options in conjunction with the emerging array of advanced web services specifications (WS-*).   This presentation provides an overview and comparison of options for supporting Business Processes and Service Aggregation within a web services infrastructure. Additional guidelines for service design and interaction will also be provided. The presentation concludes with a demonstration of how these specifications are being implemented and recommendations for using them today and in the near future."

This should be fun - I'll be able to talk a bit about BPEL and its role in a SOA while also showing off some running code. Are there any particular code samples or scenarios you would find particularly compelling? Let me know!