Spark, Microsoft and Web 2.0

Dion Hinchcliffe (ZDNet) posted a blog entry on SPARK. Spark is an invitation-only event being held the weekend before the MIX 06 conference (Bill Gates and Tim O'Reilly are doing the keynote together). Spark is an event my team organized to try and bring the SOA, SaaS and Web 2.0 world closer together. How cool is that?


So what exactly is Spark? SPARK is not about Web 2.0 or SOA or SaaS, it is about building a bridge amongst all of these and articulating a new architecture – we call it EDGE – that can help businesses (both enterprise and “online”) plan a strategy for success over the next decade.


The output of SPARK will be presented the next day at MIX and later in a variety of other forms to other outlets.


BTW, speaking of cool - Microsoft is suddenly getting lots of press for our Web 2.0 efforts. More on this below:



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So what do you think about Web 2.0?