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Here's a summary of the kinds of topics we've trudged through together:

Windows Forms 2.0
Getting started with Windows Forms 2.0

Custom Painting
Painting best practices
ComboBox OwnerDraw

Dock layout/Using the Splitter control
Suggestions for making your managed dialog snappier
Supporting Large Font in your application
Wrapping text in an AutoSized Label
Wrapping text in a RadioButton or CheckBox
Guide to V2.0 layout

More than you want to know about keyboard handling
More than you want to know about mouse handling

Overriding a Control collection
Using SystemEvents
All about Handles in Windows Forms
Starting an application without showing a form
Showing a form without activating

Application Development
Handling DragDrop in 5 minutes
Keeping your UI responsive and the Dangers of Application.DoEvents
Building a Notify Icon (system tray) application

How when where why to use dispose
Tracking Down GDI Leaks

Custom Controls
Picking your base class wisely
Building a SplitButton control for your Form
Making readonly controls without using Enabled = false
Creating custom controls in Windows Forms [ Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 ]

Threading and Windows Forms
Why STAThread is required
Talking to windows forms controls from another thread
Using BackgroundWorker Effectively

Getting started guide
A sample on ToolStripManager.Merge
Matching VS toolbars
Using ToolStripManager.SaveSettings
Hosting controls in your ToolStrip
Creating Clonable ToolStripMenuItems
Creating a ToolStripTrackBar item - wrapping ToolStripControlHost
Using LayoutStyle.Table in the designer
Adding DataBinding to your ToolStripItem
Creating RadioButtons in your MenuStrip

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