Remote Desktop for Windows 10 exits preview, now available as a UWP app


Screenshot of the Remote Desktop for Windows 10 upgrade dialog. Photo: Jim Galasyn

Remote Desktop may be my favorite Windows Store app, and now it’s generally available for Windows 10 devices as a UWP app. If you’ve been running the Windows 8.1 version, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when it automatically updates the next time the Store updates your installed apps.

With Remote Desktop for Window 10, you can:

  • Access remote resources through your Remote Desktop Gateway;
  • Use Multi-touch Windows gestures with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and RemoteFX;
  • View all of your remote connections in the home screen and activate them with a single tap;
  • Access and manage your work resources via RemoteApp and Desktop Connections;
  • Stream remote audio and video seamlessly;
  • Deliver your Windows apps from Azure and run them on any device by using Azure RemoteApp.

The EMS team notes:

Exiting preview doesn’t mean we are done, quite the opposite. We have a set of features already in the works and will continue monitoring the Store comments and our feature requests site to help us focus on the next set of features. You can expect regular updates to the app.

See more details from the EMS team here: Remote Desktop for Windows 10 exiting preview

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