Use open source code in your Windows Store apps: Cocos2DX, Cinder, Ogre3D, Box2D, Bullet, OpenCV, and Angle in Visual C++

Screen capture from the Microsoft Open Technologies web site. Graphic: Microsoft Open Technologies

Olivier Bloch brings the good news:

MS Open Tech has been working with many open source technologies to help Web and C++ developers extend their reach and have their code work seamlessly on Windows devices.

You can now integrate your code using Cocos2DX, Cinder, Ogre3D, Box2D, Bullet, OpenCV, or Angle to a C++ Windows Store app project and rapidly get your app or game running on Windows 8 and published to the Windows Store.

And as a Web developer, you can benefit from the work done by the community and MS Open Tech to make jQuery fully support Windows Store apps, simultanesouly bringing other open source frameworks based on jQuery to the party, such as Backbone.js, Knockout.js, Canvas.js or Require.js. This means it’s straightforward for you to inject your JavaScript code from your web app to build Windows Store apps and offer a new type of experience to your customers.

Check out MS Open Tech’s blog post to learn more about using open source code and frameworks to build apps for Windows devices. [more]

Sweet, I want to play with Bullet. Also relevant: Developing games docs.

Use open source code in your Windows Store apps

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