Weathr, a 3D weather app: code sample in C++, DirectX, and XAML

Screenshot of the Weathr 3D weather app by Thomas Petchel. Graphic: Thomas Petchel

Thomas Petchel knocked this out in his spare time:

While working on the Hilo C++ project, I really wanted to further explore the intersection among C++, DirectX, and XAML in the context of a Windows Store app. A 3D weather app seemed novel (I've never seen one before) yet doable (arguably easier to implement than a game.) I'm publishing this sample as a way of sharing what I learned and getting your feedback.

To see weather data, you’ll need to get a couple of free keys:

  • A Bing Maps API key. Get a trial key here.
  • A World Weather Online API key. Get a trial key here.

Other than that, it’s smooth sailing. Open Services\ServiceKeys.h, and paste your keys into the BingServiceKey and WWOServiceKey variable declarations, then build and run. If you run under the debugger, you’ll get a few first-chance exceptions – just F5 through these, and the app runs fine.

Weathr (C++, DirectX, and XAML)

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