Windows 8 Consumer Preview is live

Download: Windows 8 Consumer Preview

At the start of 2012, I moved from the Server business unit to Windows & Windows Live, to help out with Windows 8. When I showed off the Windows 8 Consumer Preview bits on my sleek new Samsung XE700T1A to an old friend from DevDiv, she told me that I had “drunk the Kool Aid”. And so it is – Windows 8 is an amazing achievement in UX design.

Jim Galasyn proudly showing off his Samsung XE700T1A slate with Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Jim with his Samsung slate and Windows 8 Consumer Preview, grinning like a fool.

Here are some links of interest to get you started.

SteveSi’s blog:

Windows team blog:

Press kits:

Live blog from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona:

Windows 8 is a big deal, and I’m convinced that it’s going to be a wildly successful product.

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