Vista Layered Windows Performance hotfix now available on Microsoft Download Center

As I reported in this blog, layered Window performance was one of the top customer complaints that got fixed in WPF in .Net 3.5 / 3.0 SP1.

A QFE/Hotifx that improved Vista Layered Windows performance (up to 4x, depending on the machine characteristics, such as the video bus speed, the video bus type, etc) was available since July, 2007. However, since users had to call Microsoft PSS to obtain the hotfix, it was difficult for end-users to install.

Starting 1/22/2008, this hotfix is now available for direct end-user download from Microsoft Download Center.

As a developer you are welcome to point below download links from your WPF app or web site.

Download links to the hotfix:


  • The fix is still planned to be included in the upcoming Vista SP1.
  • Developers who would like to re-distribute/install this hotfix with their app install still need to call Microsoft PSS to get re-distribution rights.
  • You need admin privileges to install the hotfix.