Backing up Windows Sharepoint Services

Although I have a fair few ideas as to mini-projects to complete over the Christmas & New Year holiday, it will probably come as no surprise to many of you that there is always the possibility that family will get in the way ;) On the assumption that I can find enough excuses, one thing I've prepped over the past few days is a base VM of Windows Server 2003 R2. One instance is, as of this morning, running Windows Sharepoint Services. WSS isn't a product I've really looked at a great deal before, and before I start putting anything important on it, the first consideration is how can I back it up if disaster strikes. Fortunately, I found a good answer here which I'll try out.

Funny that WSS stands for so many things now: First it was the Web Storage System as implemented in Exchange 2000 and just after, in the original Sharepoint Portal Server. Then it was (and is still) Windows Server System. And now a third. I think there must be a world-shortage of TLA's...

And here's just some of the other projects on my to-do list this Christmas:

  • Complete my SQL 2000 -> SQL 2005 migration
  • Implement IPSec
  • Complete the VPN quarantine project which fell by the wayside a little
  • Try out Exchange 12 Beta
  • Implement SMS
  • Read new WMI Scripting book

And on Santa's wish list:

  • XBox 360
  • Another 4GB of RAM and a second Xeon processor :)
  • Bunch of SATAII drives with RAID card. 10x250GB should last a few months :)

And on Santa's actual list (probably)

  • Socks, Aftershave :(

Have a great Christmas & New Years celebration everyone. I'm back online on 3rd Jan next year.