Clear Read-Only Attributes in bulk

There's often those situations where you need to clear read-only attributes from a directory tree in bulk. In the past, having been a command line junkie and developer, I've used the attrib command with the /S parameter to include sub-directories as I've invariably had three or four command prompts open simultaneously. Those days have moved on, and the therapy has made me cut down to a maximum of two prompts at a time :) (It's obviously working as there's only one open at the moment!)

While command prompts work for many people, I came across a utility a few years ago which extends the context menu for the Explorer shell which does the same thing. It shows how my mindset has changed - the machine I needed to change the attributes from didn't have the utility installed. It didn't even cross my mind until posting this about opening a command prompt - a quick Internet search to find the utility was my immediate thought and solution I used. Useful also as it works right across the board - from Windows 95 to Windows Server 2003.

Here's the download link: