Spaces: Creating your first blog (or getting out there)

If you have ever toyed with the notion of writing a blog, or if you have started a blog or two that went nowhere, this post is for you. I have created blogs on many different platforms but the easiest one so far has been created using Windows Live Spaces. By the way, I've used over ten blogging platforms over the years. So many that I don't even remember all the names.  :o)

I started playing with the Bis Key Chronicles blog on Windows Live Spaces two years ago and was so amazed at the easy of entry that now my kids, mom, and wife are using it. And they have been using it for a while as total neophytes with no computer or Internet program skills what so ever.

The first thing to decide is do you want this blog to be a diary (like most people do), a biography (like my mom has done), a reference (as I have for the most part done), or a combination of these purposes.

Next you should realize that this really should be a labor of love, not a chore. If you really can't write a coherent sentence, a blog can be a learning tool or, worst case, not for you.

Finally, in addition to writing and researching for your blog, you should also consider that people will want to subscribe to your site and/or be your blog friend. So you might end up reading a lot more blogs than you expected or do now using search to find an answer.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Confucius