I’m often surprised at the number of friends on Twitter who don’t use hash tags. Users can group posts together by topic or type using hashtags—words or phrases prefixed with a #. In the world of Microsoft Dynamics CRM we use #MSDYNCRM. Here is what you see when you click on that hashtag:


This is a snapshot of a five minute period of time. There is some noise in the stream, but a quick scan will help you find the nuggets of gold out there. And some of the stuff like the seasonal business cartoon can be used in your email to your coworkers. You do want them to consider your emails more than just dry business detail right?  ;O)

If you want your Twitter messages to get seen by more business people, using the #MSDYNCRM hashtag is a good way to start. Those of you who are used to the #MSCRM tag of days gone by will find thatCRMguy’s post “Oh No … 3 less characters for our tweets…” interesting.