Fabulous resource for performance testing

If you’re into performance testing – and who isn’t these days? – and you haven’t downloaded the Visual Studio Performance Testing Quick Reference Guide, then you’re really missing out. Stop reading this blog post and go download it now. I’ll be here when you get back.

Why is this required reading for performance testers? Just take a look at the summary:

This document is a collection of items from public blog sites, Microsoft® internal discussion aliases (sanitized) and experiences from various Test Consultants in the Microsoft Services Labs. The idea is to provide quick reference points around various aspects of Microsoft Visual Studio® performance testing features that may not be covered in core documentation, or may not be easily understood. The different types of information cover:

  • How does this feature work under the covers?
  • How can I implement a workaround for this missing feature?
  • This is a known bug and here is a fix or workaround.
  • How do I troubleshoot issues I am having?

The document contains two Tables of Contents (high level overview, and list of every topic covered) as well as an index. The current plan is to update the document on a regular basis as new information is found.

Who can resist that?

Go. Now. Download and enjoy.

-- bliz