Hosted TFS Pilot Program

Updated: Listing of Hosted TFS Providers

After coming across a question regarding hosted TFS on Linked In, I thought I would post some information on the subject. Here's an excerpt from the attached TFS Hosting Brief.

“Team Foundation Server (TFS) is a server product built on top of standard Microsoft technologies, including ASP.NET web services, SharePoint, and SQL Server 2005. TFS is traditionally self-hosted inside of an organization. A single Team Foundation Server can support up to 2000 users with the appropriate hardware configuration.

Team Foundation Server is available through the SPLA licensing program, enabling hosters to potentially offer a Team Foundation Server hosted offering. See the attached overview document for SPLA pricing details. To date there are no hosters offering such a service. However, we are running a pilot program with several hosters and a handful of customers to begin the process of building a partner ecosystem of TFS hosters.

TFS can be successfully deployed by a hoster using a dedicated server model or even a virtualized server model. This would mean that each hoster customer organization would have its own Team Foundation Server instance. Organizations who do distributed development or do not want to deal with the administrative overhead of maintaining their own Team Foundation Server may find such a hosted offering compelling.”

If you're interested in participating in this program as a provider, please contact us at

TFS Hosting Brief.pdf