CPU/Memory Monitors – Include Top Processes in Alert Description

Here is a Management Pack that I wrote for a customer a while back.  The requirement was to take the alerting for CPU Utilization and Available Memory from the Windows Server Management Pack and add the top 5 processes consuming CPU/Memory to the Alert Description.

The MP that I wrote for this is attached

  • The MP contains replicas of the “Available Megabytes of Memory” and “Total CPU Utilization Percentage” Monitors from the Windows Server MPs
  • The only change is a modification to the VBScript to get the Top 5 processes and include them in the Property Bag and Alert.
  • The memory monitor will show the top 5 instances of Process\Private Bytes
  • The CPU monitor will show the top 5 instances of Process\% Processor Time
  • The MP has separate Monitors for Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012


Screenshots of the alerts are below: