Xperf: Install Windows Performance Toolkit (WPT) with 242MB Download, Not the Entire 2.5GB Windows 7 SDK: Part 1

Say It Ain’t So!
In my first post on Xperf, I described the simple 4.4MB download necessary to install the Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA) & the other tools which comprise the Windows Performance Toolkit (WPT), including Xperf.

I was surprised to learn that the toolkit is no longer available in a discrete download.

The only way to install it now is through the Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1.


The default download is a honkin’ 2.5GB, 4.5GB installed, but all I want is the toolkit.

Why the Change?
The version of WPT that was independently posted was incompatible with Win7.  The team wanted to remove it before a large number of people downloaded it and had issues with their freshly installed copy of the RTM bits.

How to Install WPT
Principal Development Lead Adam Smith helped me short-circuit the big download so we need download “only” 242MB.

Per Adam, the web install allows us to choose just the win32 dev tools for a far more reasonable download—242MB instead of 2.5GB. 

In Part 2 I’ll detail how to do so.

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