1 in 2.5 Million...

Lucky 7... Windows 7, that is That could describe you as a Windows 7 beta tester.  The official launch was announced just hours ago.

If you're a TechNet subscriber you can get the goods now, yes today, right this minute!  And if you're an MSDN subscriber you can have at it too - you'll notice a nifty new Windows 7 option on the Operating Systems group in the product list when you go to the Subscriber Downloads tab

If not, you'll need to wait until

Friday, January 9th, at 3 p.m. ET

at which point the bits will be available... while supplies last.  This is a download-only program (ISO image), so there is no physical media option (read a little further down for a remedy to that!).

This is also an unmanaged beta program, so *the* place to go for help will be the Windows 7 Beta Forums, and you'll probably want to bookmark the Springboard Series blog for up-to-date announcements (including the public download links).

There's some good info on the Windows 7 Team Blog as well, including this article giving you some guidance on setting up Windows 7 once you get access to it.


Not the gambling type? 

You can also get a copy of Windows 7 on DVD! by attending the MSDN Developer Conference

MSDN Developer Conference

The New York and Boston venues are right around the corner (Jan 20th and Jan 22nd, respectively), and it will be a day well spent to spin up on a number of the technologies showcased at the Microsoft PDC last October -- Windows Azure, Oslo, F#, SQL Data Services, ....

For $99 it's a sound investment....  and did I mention you'll get Windows 7 on DVD??