Build Apps. Get Stuff.

Are you looking to build your first Windows Phone or Windows 8 app? Got an iOS or Android app and want to expand its visibility to a new platform and market? Have you already built a few Windows 8 apps and published them in the store?

Well, the new and improved App Builder site covers whichever of these situations you’re in. Alumni of the program (also known as Generation App) will recall the self-paced 30-day programs to take you from scratch to app or game with a combination of technical resources, design advice, and blog commentary. That’s still there, but now there’s even more value for experienced developers who just need to skip to “how do I do X”, and here’s the best part – we’ve built in some gamification.

App Builder Rewards

If you’re already a part of App Builder, you can simply login and opt in to the new rewards program. If you’re new, you can quickly set up a new account, and you can even use your Facebook id as a login! Once you do, you’ll see a status bar like below that shows you the various quests you can complete to earn achievements and points that you can redeem for cool prizes like Xbox games, Windows 8 Pro upgrades, and even developer store accounts.

App Builder reward status

Sign up today and start reaping the rewards!