Heroes Happened Here - Manchester

Thanks to all of you who came out for the HEROES happen { here } launch event today in Manchester.  As promised, I've uploaded our final 'work of art' from the enhancements we made to the Personal Web Site sample during the first session.  It should be pretty much as we left it - but I did add the user id (admin) and password (password!) onto the text labels for the default page so you can actually access the site.  You can find the files (and the full PPT presentation - not the 'abbreviated' one from today) on my SkyDrive.


Here's a few more references as well to help you spin up on the cool new features in .NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008

Virtual Launch Event (includes video of Session 1 which wasn't part of the Manchester event)

Webcasts, Virtual Labs, Podcasts

Heroes Happened Here Hands-on Labs (manuals only)

Visual Studio 2008 Virtual Labs


A couple of eagle-eyed attendees also brought it to my attention that the voucher card for the SQL Server 2008 offer indicates you have to visit the associated web site by June 2, 2008.   Well, unless you're Hiro Nakamura that's gonna be a tad tough.... I found out at the end of the show that the date is actually June 20, which gives you two weeks to make sure you get in on the deal.


Finally for your reference, here again is the link to the New Hampshire .NET User Group site - http://www.nhdn.com - I'm planning to be there for the next meeting on the 19th and hope you'll consider dropping by too.  The topic seems like it will be a great reinforcement of what was covered today.