Intro to Game Development for Windows - Sep. 21

Nothing like an amazing time at Boston FIG to get you in the mood to start your game development career! The games there were absolutely amazing – and perhaps daunting to consider building – but everyone started somewhere, and that’s the goal of my workshop this coming Saturday in Cambridge. If you’re not local, or you’ve got other plans, we’ll be doing a host of these events over the next several months, so there’s always time to jump aboard!

Spend four hours with me, and I’ll walk you through using Scirra Construct 2, a free 2-d game development environment that you can use to build games for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone, and I’ll give you a few pointers on how to best market your game for additional exposure and downloads. You’ll have some time to work on your game too, so come with your laptop loaded per the Meetup instructions!

I’ve built a few games with Construct 2 including LetterMan, my first attempt shown below, but don’t be fooled by its simplistic look.  To its right is a screenshot from Mortar Melon, a multi-level and artistically amazing game also created on Construct 2 by Mudvark.


Letterman on Windows 8    Mortar Melon on Windows 8