Launch Your App at a Microsoft Store!

Getting your Windows 8 or Windows Phone app into the store is an incredible accomplishment. Why not celebrate that achievement with friends, family, and your users – by launching your app at one of the retail Microsoft stores!

Launch your app at a Microsoft Store!There are roughly 30 (non-specialty) stores across the US and Canada (with more on the way), and each has a theater area that can be used for seminars, workshops, and LAUNCH PARTIES! Community Development Specialists (CDS) will work with you to schedule the space; you can get in touch with them through the individual stores by checking out that store’s information page. In the area that I cover, your options include Boston (Allison Knight), Salem NH (Kate McCaughey)  and Danbury CT..

I’ve worked with Allison in the Prudential Center store for a while now, and she and her team are incredibly accommodating. Keep in mind that the logistics and availability for each store will vary, but for Boston, they can handle up to about 40 people. You can bring in food and drink (and there many options available right in the Prudential Center), but you can’t serve alcohol. You’ll get additional exposure too through the Microsoft Store events pages and the Meetup page too. Allison recommends booking about a month in advance, particularly if you’re looking to do it on a weekend.

I know that Timmo’s Challenge is on tap for next month, so I hope to see a lot more of you sharing (and reveling) in your hard work!