.NET from A to Z

Happy New Year Welcome to 2009! I hope you managed to have some time to unplug and recharge over the recent holiday break. During my traditional end-of-year reflection process, I was considering ways to beef up my blog to make it a little more topical, interesting, and predictable. Given the popularity of Sara Ford's Visual Studio Tip of the Day series (which she wrapped up recently with post number 382!), the insight of the "Better Know a Framework" nuggets on .NET Rocks!, and - last but not least - the appeal of Elmo, I thought I'd try my own little twist on things.

So, over the next 26 weeks, my plan is to tackle a letter a week - each Monday - and post on some .NET topic starting with that letter.  It could be a general technology, it could be a specific framework class, it could be a product, or it could be some insane bit of trivia that just happened to capture my interest.  I liken the experience to when I was a kid, and on a rainy day with nothing to do I'd pull a random volume of Encyclopedia Britannica off the shelf, flip to a topic, and start reading (that was back when we actually did research straight from books!). 

So consider this adventure as a modern sortes vergilinae!  Let me know what you think as we work our way through the A, B, Cs.

Until Monday....

Microsoft .NET from a to z