PowerShell, Virtually

PowerShell GroupJoel Bennett, one of the co-founders of the Upstate New York PowerShell Users Group that meets in Syracuse and Rochester has recently organized a Virtual PowerShell group.  As noted at the group’s web site:

We have an ongoing discussion channel available for support with PowerShell questions on the chat.freenode.net IRC server #PowerShell channel . You can find someone online there almost any time of the day or night, but it's busiest during US office hours and late evening up until around midnight east coast time (GMT -5).

We also have a few regularly scheduled events.

The current primary scheduled events are weekly discussions centered around the PowerScripting Podcast show. Those discussions happen during the live recording of the show (usually at 9:30 EST) on the PowerScripting-Podcast channel on the c.ustream.tv IRC server (and are also available from the video web page ).