Practical Azure #9: Windows Azure Web Sites

One of the awesome things about Windows Azure is choice. When you deploy an application to the Microsoft cloud you can leverage one of three models, Virtual Machines (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), Cloud Services (Platform-as-a-Service) and Web Sites. For the next several episodes of Practical Azure on MSDN DevRadio, I’ll be looking at these three options in turn.

First up is Windows Azure Web Sites, the fastest way to get your ASP.NET, Node.js, PHP, or even open source CRMs (like WordPress and Drupal) up and running in the Windows Azure cloud. And with a free tier offering it's a no-brainer way to set up a small business site or mobile service back-end, so you can concentrate on the site and let Windows Azure worry about the upkeep, failover, scaling, and other infrastructure management. Check this episode out below!


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