Rochester Rocks! and Routing No More?

Thanks to the great turnout in Rochester today for the Bob, Chris, and Jim Northeast RoadShow.  The Office presentation was a bit rocky, but it seems it's always the easy stuff that throws you for a loop - note to self, check the WHERE clause.  Hopefully, the gist of the value of considering Office as an application platform made it through the 'demo malfunction.'

I wanted to reply to one question that was asked after the presentation, regarding routing slip functionality.  This capability was available through the File->Send To option in Office 2003.  With some searching you can find the following reference which rather tersely explains:

Send to Routing Recipient: Removal of this low-use feature from the user interface improves the user experience.

I suppose 'improves the user experience' is debatable, especially if that's a feature you've relied on!  The implication is that the plumbing remains; however, it appears the corresponding objects have been removed from VBA as well (  Note that the same reference on the TechNet site mentions the use of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 for other "Send To" capabilities removed from the UI, so this may be a potential way to go.   From a Web search, it appears a few others have run into this as well, but I didn't note any clear resolutions.  If you have one, please feel free to add a response to this note.