Screencast Trifecta: Publishing to the Windows Store

My evangelist colleagues and I are just finishing up a series of workshops leveraging our (now over 20) APIMASH Starter Kits. During our travels we’ve had a chance to meet many of you budding Windows Store developers and hopefully get you off to a great start building Windows 8 experiences from the myriad APIs available out there. A number of you, especially those who attended the first few sessions, are likely close to publishing your creations to the store (if you haven’t already).

To help you through that process, I just finished up three relatively short screencasts to cover the main tasks of the submission process: from completing your application’s manifest to running the Windows Application Certification Kit (not-so-affectionately known as WACK) to dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s of creating a profile and submitting your app via the Dev Center Dashboard.  These videos (along with a number of other helpful resources) are housed on the APIMASH Channel 9 page, but I’ve embedded them below as well.

Part 1: Finishing Touches (4:36)

Part 2: Testing (5:02)

Part 3: Submitting to the Store (8:02)