Time for Code Camp!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Buffalo Code Camp is being rescheduled. I'll post updated information as soon as it comes my way.


The first Buffalo Code Camp is less than two weeks away.  Have you registered yet?

320px-Left_pointing_double_angle_quotation_mark_sh1_svg The Buffalo Code Camp will be hosted by the University at Buffalo in Amherst, NY on November 22nd.  We are expecting between 150-200 developers to attend the first Buffalo Code Camp. 

A local sponsor will be supplying free pizza and pop for lunch for all.  There will be over 60 swag items given out to speakers and attendees including copies of Windows Vista Business.

We have developers and speakers coming in from all over the northeast United States and Canada including a Microsoft MVP from SE Pennsylvania, a Microsoft MVP from Toronto, and Developer Evangelists from Waltham, Massachusetts. 

There will be informal gatherings for speakers on the night before the event as well as the night of the event.  Organizers, volunteers, user group leads, and attendees are all welcome to join the speakers at the gatherings.

320px-Right_pointing_double_angle_quotation_mark_sh1_svgThis event will be a great chance for speakers to network with talented developers from all over the northeast United States and Canada.