Vermont Code Camp: Mission Accomplished!

Although I had to make an early exit (to get soaked in a rain-delayed Red Sox game), I had the privilege to be part of the first ever Vermont Code Camp this past Saturday at the University of Vermont in Burlington.

AutoCollage of VT Code Camp

Over 80 technophiles from across the technology spectrum convened for a day of networking and tech-talks delivered by local speakers and presenters travelling  from Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania.  Although the effort was spearheaded by Rob Hale and Julie Lerman of the Vermont .NET User Group (awesome job, guys!), it was far from a Microsoft-only event, as folks from the PHP community were on the organizational committee, and presenters were there to talk about Ruby, PHP, Joomla, and Django.

Even before I left at midday, there were conversations being held about how to improve and expand the event next year – I can think of no better indicator of success than that.